Manners Mall Board Game

Manners Mall publisher pic

Manners Mall Board Game

Manners Mall is a fun activity for groups of friends or for family game night.  It’s set in a pretend mall complete with stuff to buy!  It allows players to learn about and practice good manners while having fun, while also delving into the deeper meanings of and reasons for using good manners.  “Please” and “thank you” are awesome, but Manners Mall goes farther than that.  It explores important concepts likes respect, courtesy, gratitude and more!

You can buy it at

Manners Mall is a fun educational board game that teaches kids about manners by taking them on a shopping spree in a whimsical mall!  Along the way they get to answer questions about manners and shop for fun products.  They make their way through the mall, take question cards from different categories (such as Fitting Room and Mall Rats), spin the Shopping Spree spinner, and fill up their Shopping Bags with goodies.  The whole time they are learning about manners and their underlying reasons, practicing using good manners, interacting and socializing with other players, and having fun.

This game, for children 7 and up (although my 6-year-old can’t get enough of it!), is great for at home, in classrooms, and in counseling and social skills groups.

Order Manners Mall directly from Childswork/Childsplay:


(click for PDF press releases)

Launch Release: Manners Mall Launch Press Release

Holiday Gift Guide Release: Manners Mall Holiday Gift Guide Press Release

Manners Mall is a Great Holiday Gift Guide Item:

  • Gifts for Elementary School Kids
  • Gifts for Families
  • Gifts for Educators (teachers, counselors, school psychologists, child therapists, anyone who works with kids)
  • Gifts for Kids (or Families) Under $60, Under $75, Under $100
  • Fun, Creative Gifts for Kids
  • Unique Gifts for Kids
  • Gifts that Teach
  • Educational Gifts for Kids
  • Gifts for Kids that Give Back
  • Gifts for Kids that Enhance – Manners, Social Skills, Life Skills
  • Gifts for Kids that are Alternatives to Toys and Books
  • Hands-on Fun Gifts for Kids
  • Mall/shopping related Gifts for Kids


Manners Mall is a Must for National Children’s Good Manners Month in September!!! (more on this to come soon)



Siena playing Manners Mall with the family:


 Siena teaching cousins Emma  and Ian how to play Manners Mall:



The components of Manners Mall:


 The Manners Mall game board up close:


Manners Mall Shopping Spree Spinner:


 Manners Mall Shopping Spree Spinner (top), an empty Shopping Bag (left), and Valuable Merchandise, stacked and facing down, on Product Pavilion (right):


One of the Manners Mall Shopping Bags filled with Merchandise:


Manners Mall Product Pavilion (this is where you display the Valuable Merchandise):


  Manners Mall Valuable Merchandise:


Manners Mall Directions and Facilitator’s Guide:



Learn more about Manners Mall here:

Contact me if you have any questions:


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