Family Trip to Catalina Island

           We just got back from a fun two-day family trip to Catalina Island (after another fun two-day trip to Long Beach, which I’ll share later).  I used […]

Fourth of July Food and Drinks

Here are some fun and festive Fourth of July food and drink ideas. Top left to right: bottle of The Great American Wine; American flag layer dip; Blue Cocktail; and […]

We Lost Our Beloved Pup This Weekend

The day had finally come.  On Saturday, we had to say goodbye to our sweet, sweet Kensi, an important and beloved member of our family.  She was almost 15 years […]

Just a Little Valentine’s Day Cuteness

Because it’s almost February! Because the last time I posted was pre-Halloween! Because who doesn’t love pictures of a baby all dressed up for Valentine’s Day (who clearly doesn’t want […]

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!  I hope you have a great week!

Taming Tantrums and Managing Meltdowns

We’ve all been there. We’re happily shopping or dining, when suddenly, our child turns into a screaming, whining, fitful, out-of-control scary little version of him/herself. It’s the public meltdown, or […]